Privacy policy

Posted: October 26, 2018
Effective: October 27, 2018

Your privacy is extremely important, this is why we are glad you make it to this section, so you can have a better understanding of your privacy when using the app. When we say "The app", "This app" or "Our app" we refer to Crypto Tools App (package name "com.ironappsdev.cryptoapp")

Internet connection: The internet connection is used only for Firebase Backend Services, Google Play Billing Services and our own api.
Camera: The app may ask (Android API 23+) before using the qr code scanner for your permission because the camera of the phone is used to read the qr code and process it. Our app does not use the camera if it is not used for qr scan or in any other activity or service, our app does not save images(photos) or videos from the camera of your phone and as consequence our app does not share or sell with third's any photo or video since they were not even saved. The result of not give permission to the app to access the camera are that the user will not be able to access all the features of the app, this mean not being able to scan qr codes.

What information do we collect?:
The data collected by Firebase Analytics and Firebase crashlytics (Owned by Google) does not include any personal information. The data collected only send information about the activities you visited inside the app, screen you visited, how many times you clicked a button and send errors anonymously. The only purpose of collecting this data is for feedback our developers and improve the layout and features of the app, which is vital to give a good user experience.
The app offers in-app products and subscriptions, this purchases are handle by Google Play Billing Services. We do not collect any type of payment information such as credit cards, usernames nor passwords. The only information we can reach is the one Google Play Console itself provides the developer, which does not include personal data. We do not have access to Google user’s information.
The wallet address that are manually inputted by the user or scanned by the user are stored locally. No private key are stored, we will never ask for private keys, only public keys should be inputted.

For what we use the information?:
The information collected by Firebase is only used as a feedback to improve the layout and functionality of the app. The data collected for Firebase is not used to target individual users.
The information reachable from Google Play Console related with purchases is used to grant access to the app premium features.
The wallet public key is used by a third party provider to ask for the transactions and wallet balance. We will never say to the third party provide who owns this wallet.

Do we share the information collected?:
We do not sell or share or forward any information collected to third parties, except if you have requested. The wallet public address is used with api to get the account balance and transactions. The api is free and public. Please refer to their own documentation for further details. Is up to you the user if you want to use this feature.

Data storage
We do not store personal data of the user in any place or server but locally, this infomation locally stored may include purchases data such as products or subscriptions purchased.
The user may also manually input wallet address to the address book, this public address are store only in the user device locally. If the user delete the app it will also lose all the address previously inputted. This information only leaves the device when the user explicitly say so, this cases include asking for address balance and transactions.

This app is no intended to be used by child under the age of 18. By using the app you are representing that you are at least 18 years old. Regarding security, we can't guarantee that unauthorized personnel may gain access to your information despite our efforts. You decide if you want to receive notifications related to price and market, refer to the app settings to enable or disable.

This privacy policy are subject to change with no prior notice, we may notify about major changes. You should check this privacy policy often to be up to date with the latest version of this document.